trying my best to make sense of these increasingly complicated worlds in which our movements and thoughts can no longer be considered our 'own', but are indicative of our embodied extra-dimensionality: a mode of being-dispersed suppressed by the prevailing binary attitude inherited from western traditions.

based in NYC. 'professional' photographer for 10+ years. studied philosophy in europe, pursued a phd and then thought better of it (for now), have two master degrees (Linkedin). published writing and commercial photography until again, thought better of it. now i spend most of my energy on creating content for the people of tomorrow who already exist in the world today. 

*not all my work is displayed on this site. some of it i'm unable to share due to privacy of clients. some of it is reflective of what i do to pay the bills. and then there's stuff i do to remind myself of what i forget when i'm working. 

for the most adequate glimpse into who i am, see:


Academic Background:

M.A.: Postmodern Philosophy and Feminism (3rd Wave)

M.Phil: French Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium

Creative Director and Writer:


IG: @daniel.krusen.chen