it's not that a first impression perceived as truth is tantamount to misunderstanding. it's that an initial perception misses the complexity of what's beyond that first clarity. beware the first clarity. nothing is pure. everything is mixed.

affect: a force that moves a body. whether it's the energy of other bodies, the affect of memories, or the spaces you move in, who we are is the sum total of the great many things that affect us.

affects render a subject imperceptible. this imperceptibility creates in its wake the possibility for the new. affects show how a thing is always in-process. nothing is fixed, finished, clear, or sharp. we can only pick up where a thing was last left off– the continuation and transference of creative energy. affects connect us.

aside from the commercial stuff, what i'm endlessly fascinated by are affects. the energies that move us. whether positive or negative. an initial perception introduces us. but it all gets increasingly hazy from there. the point isn't to crystalize the haze into clear and sharp images, which would be reductive. the point is to be affected by it. by all the mixed feelz that intersect and connect to create: you.


M.Phil: French Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis
Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium.

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