born in the '80s, a child of the '90s, a body that struggles to stay in the present, a soul fluid and expansive. // scorpio. ex-philosopher. recovering photographer. deeply flawed. deeply loved.

been working as a photographer for over a decade now. i've worked with brands in the past such as pepsi, dkny, and montblanc, and have had work published in a variety of places from complex, to theknot, to hypebeast. i'm also an associate at roey yohai studios, one of harper's bazaar's top wedding studios. currently based in NYC. 

photography as spiritual practice // it grounds me in the present, and connects me with the forces of both light and shadow. making connections and being of service to those i work/collab with generates joyful energy, knowledge, and healing. 


academic background:

M.A. philosophy: psychoanalysis and feminism (3rd wave)

M.Phil: french phenomenology and psychoanalysis

Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium


co-creator, MXDFLZ
instagram: @unco_dan